Simple Easy Mathematics Brain Teaser Question with Answer

Test your Mathematics Skills with this Simple Mathematics Brain Teaser Question. In this Maths Brain Teaser, there are some Mathematical equations and your challenge in this Easy Math Question is to solve these equations to find the values of the pictorial variables and then solve the last equation using the value of these to solve the last equation. Let's see how quickly you can solve these equations?

A+B = 13kg, 2C + B =22kg, A+C=12kg, Then A+B+C=?. Can you solve this Easy Math Puzzle Question for Kids?
Can you solve these Maths Equations?

The answer to this "Simple Mathematics Brain Teaser Question", can be viewed by clicking on the button. Please do give your best try before looking at the answer.


Jessamyn said...

I like this brain teaser, but there is at least one other correct set of solutions. It also works if cat = 2, dog = 10, and rabbit = 11, making the answer to the last equation 23.

Rajesh Kumar said...

With Dog = 10 and Rabbit =11, second equation will become incorrect in this brainteaser.