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Math Picture Brain Teasers with Answers and Explanation

There are endless possibilities with which Mathematical Logical puzzles can be created. Some of the puzzle are pure mathematical puzzles in which one has to calculate a given value according to math equations. However there are many in which logic in mathematical equations is twisted and one has to first find this twisted logic and then has to solve the mathematical equation. 
Here I am posting few Mathematical brain teasers with pictures which will require you to think first logical and then solve the given math question. In each of the below question to find the value of "?". I will be soon posting the answers of these math riddles with explanation. However please do post your answers in the comment section of this post.
Mathematical Brain Teaser
Tricky Math Riddle

Math Equation Puzzle With Geometric Shapes

Math Fun Shapes Equations

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Math Logical Riddle


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Tricky Math Riddle
Geometric Shapes Math Equations Riddle

These Fun Brain Teasers are part of Fun Math Brain Teasers. Below are the next and previous Math Brain Teasers in this series.

Solution of these Tricky Math Riddles is given as below. I have hidden the answers of these riddles, so that one by mistake does to look at the answers. Do select the text between the numbers to read the answer and explanation for the corresponding question.
A1. 27
each number in the box is multiplication of the outside numbers.

A2.  5
Required number=sum of the squares of the numbers on left side - sum of the squares of the numbers on right side.

A3.   Square = 9 , Circle  =7/3

Explanation       2s + 3 c= 25............(1)

                       3s- 3c = 20....................(2)

                     on adding 1 & 2 , we have

                            3s= 45
                            s= 9 , put value of s in equation 1,we have c= 7/3.

A4. Value of cylinder= 3 , square=5,  star = 2

                            2cy + sq= 11.....(1)

                          sq+st+cy = 10.............(2)

                          2 sq+st = 12................(3)

 From equation 1 & 2 .

2cy  =  11 - sq ,  Means      cy = 11-sq /2      

  and    st  =  12-2 sq

putting values of cy and st in equation 3,

                                         sq + 12 - 2sq + 11/2- sq/2  =    10

                                             sq - 5/2 sq = 10 - 12 - 11/2,

                                           -3/2 sq = -11/2 - 2  or 

                                          -3/2 sq  =- 15/2,

                                                 sq= 5,

                                                 putting values we have cy= 3, st=2

A5.  4. subtraction of other two numbers in the circle.

A6. 2,

6x5-4=26, 9x2-5= 13, similarly7x3-2=19.

A7.  4
 Explanation: required number = sum of the two numbers + 2,next 4,next 6,next 8,

so 9+ x +8= 21

A8  126.

Required number=  multiplication of the three numbers on the three sides of triangle.

A9.  24.

Required number =multiplication of the numbers on upper side -  multiplication of the numbers on lower side.

Required number =10x5 - 13x2=24

triangle = 4 , circle = 5,   square= 3.,
explanation is same way as in question 4.

Here is the answer of 11th Riddle of Brain Test titled "The Brain Wiring Test for Kids, Teens and Adults with Answers". Answer if partially hidden to avoid any spoilers. Do select the text below to read the answer.

Triangle = 3
Circle = 2
Square = 8


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