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Quick Super Funny Riddles for kids with Answers

Quick Super Funny Riddles for kids with Answers
Some days back, my daughter Evanthe asked me some riddles. I could not answers to any of these riddles as these were neither mathematical nor logical. These were just for fun. I failed to answer any of these riddles, however when I listened to the answers of these riddles, I laughed at lot. 
Here I am posting some of the these super funny riddles. There is no logic in these riddles. These are just for fun. These are the quick riddles one can ask to his/her friends and can get a funny answer. We will slowing keep on adding these Funny Riddles in this post with time.
Answers to these riddles is given at the end of this post. Do post your answers if you have something different answer for these funny riddles.

1. What looks like half Apple?

2. What has 13 Hearts but no other organs

3. Why is the letter "A" the most like a flower?

4. Why is 6 scared of 7?

5. Which room has no doors?

6. What came first, the chicken or the egg?

7. What goes wet while drying us?

8. Which rope is longest in the world?

9. What the Tiger has which other animals don't have?

10. Why a dumb girl throws butter out of door?

11. What is hard to catch the faster you run?

12. What begins with T, end with T and has T in it?

13. What flies without wings?

14. What kind of cup doesn't hold water?

15. It can be cracked, It can be made, It can be told, It can be played. What it is?

16. Teddy bears are never hungry because they are always .........?

17. If red man lives in red house, green man lives in green house, yellow man lives in yellow house black man lives in black houses. Who lives in a white house?

18. What letter is not in the alphabet?

19. Say Silk three times
What does cows eat?

20. I always run but never walk, Have a mouth but never talk. Who am I?

21. Tom decided to give his bike 3 coats of paint. Which coat would go on the first?

22. If you have 5 fished in the a fish tank and 2 drown how many fishes do you left with?

23. What has only two words but thousands of letters?

24. What starts with letter E and has only one letter.

25. What never asks questions but is always answered. What am I?

26. What is the longest word in the English language?

27. Which letter of the alphabet has the most water?

28. Which word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly?

29. What grows when it eats, but dies when it drinks? 

30. What has no beginning, end, or middle?

31. What has many keys but can't open any doors?

32. When you look at my face, you can't find 13 any place.What am I?

33. What you can catch but not throw?

34. What has one eye, but cannot see?

35. What can you hold without ever touching it?

36. If you had only one match and entered a COLD and DARK room, where there was an old heater, an oil lamp, and a candle, which would you light first? 

37. Some months has 30 days, some months have 31 days. How many months as 28 days?

38. What has hands, but cannot clap. What am I?

39. What can you catch but not throw?

40. What demands an answer, but asks no questions.

41. Which alphabet is a part of our body?

Answer of these quick funny riddles is given below. We have hidden the answers to avoid anyone looking at the answers inadvertently. Do select the text between the given numbers to look at the corresponding answer.

1. Another half apple.

2. A Deck of playing cards

3. Because B(ee) comes after it.

4. Because 7 8(ate) 9

5. Mushroom

6. The one which you will order first will come first :).

7. A towel.

8. Europe.

9. Name Tiger

10. Because she wanted to see butterfly :)

11. Shadow/Your Breathe

12. Teapot

13. Time

14. Cupcake

15. Jokes

16. Stuffed

17. US President

18. The kind you put in the mailbox.

19. Grass. Did you said Milk :).

20. A River

21. The second, as it is the only coat that can go on 'the first' coat.

22. Five. Because fish don't drown.

23. Post Office.

24. Envelope

25. Doorbell

26. Smiles – Because there is a 'mile' between the two S's.

27. The letter C.

28. incorrectly

29. Fire

30. A doughnut.

31. Piano

32. Clock

33. Cold

34. Needle

35. A conversation.

36. You will light match first

37. All months has 28 days.

38. Clock

39. Cold

40. Telephone

41. Eye (I) :)


Here is answer to 13th Brain Teaser Question of post titled "Fun Brain Teasers For Kids, Teens and Adults with Answers to Challenge your Mind".

I have hidden this answer to avoid any spoiler. Do select the text below to read the answer. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

13. All the two-letter combinations are abbreviations of U.S. States:

Hi:Hawaii, MA:Massachusetts, PA:Pennsylvania, me:Maine, in:Indiana, I'd:
Idaho, or:Oregon


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