Can you Find the Odd One Out?

Finding the Odd One Out is a visual puzzle type in which one has to find a picture that is different from others given similar-looking pictures. In this Odd One Out Puzzle, four images from the famous Red Ball game are given in which your challenge is to find the picture which is different from the others.

How to solve Odd One-Out Puzzle

In this Odd One Out Puzzle, four puzzle images are given. These pictures are rotated and reflected. Three pictures out of these four pictures are exactly alike. However, there is one puzzle picture that is different from the other three pictures. Your challenge is to find out this Odd One Out Picture.

Odd One Out Picture Puzzle
Can you find the Odd Picture Out?

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kelly said...

I can't check my answer,iyts not given

Rajesh Kumar said...

Answer of this picture #puzzle is given as part of the #puzzles video. Link of this puzzle video is given immediately after the puzzle image. Please check out the 4th puzzle in this video for the answer of this odd one out puzzle.