Odd One Out No Clue Crossword Picture Puzzle with Answer

No Clue Crossword is the one in which no clue has been given. It is also Clueless Crossword. In this crossword, some of the alphabets are given in the grid and once you select a cell in the grid, all the cells which contain the same letter as the cell one has selected get highlighted, and then you can think of the letter which will come in that particular selected cell. Due to the dynamic nature of the No Clue Crossword puzzle type, it can be played only online. One will not see any offline version of this Crossword.
Today's puzzle is an Odd one Out Picture Puzzle in which a picture from the No Clue Crossword is taken. Your task is to find the Odd Picture Out.
How to solve the Odd One Out Picture Puzzle
In this Odd One Out Picture Puzzle, there are four No Clue Crossword pictures. Three pictures out of these given four pictures are exactly the same and only one picture is having little difference as compared to other picture images. Your challenge is to look carefully at all four picture images and find out which picture is different from the other three pictures.
Odd One Out No Clue Crossword Picture Puzzle
Which picture is different from the other three pictures?
The answer to this "Odd One Out No Clue Crossword Picture Puzzle" can be viewed by clicking on this button.

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