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Mathematics Logic Brain Cracking Problems

Mathematics Logic Brain Cracking Problems
Mathematics Equations are very much fun to solve. However if we twist these mathematical equations then the fun of solving it with logic gets double. Here are some math equations which has been twisted so that result is different from the expected answer. However each equation in every brain teaser below follow some logical twist. One has to find this logical twist to these math equations and has to calculate the final equation, so that it follow the same logic as the previous equations. 
Answers to these equations will be posted soon. However please do post your answers with logical conclusions in the comment box of this post.

Math Logical Equation Puzzle
1. Math Logical Equation Puzzle

Logical Math Puzzle
2. Logical Math Puzzle

Logical Thinking Math Equations
3. Logical Thinking Math Equations

Math Brain Teaser
4.  Math Brain Teaser
Math IQ Question
5. Math IQ Question
Maths Logical Equation
6. Maths Logical Equation

Math Tricky Riddle
7. Math Tricky Riddle
Mathematical Riddle
8. Mathematical Riddle
Tough Math Logical Brain Teaser
9. Tough Math Logical Brain Teaser
Tricky Math Brain Riddle
10. Tricky Math Brain Riddle

Below is the answer of 14th Math Picture puzzle published with title Math Brain Teasers for Kids with answers. We have hidden the answer to avoid someone looking inadvertently at the solution. Do select the text below to read the solution. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Answer from left to right and top to down is as below
3.5, 4.5

9.5, 3.5


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  1. 1. (4+20)×3=72
    2. 2*6=12
    3. (7*3)(7+3)=2110
    5. 72
    6. (9+5)*5=70
    7. (1*3)+1+3=7
    8. 7
    9. 6+3 (as 7 square is 63) sum of digits of the square of number
    10. (10*9)+9-1=98 or


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