Saturday, January 4, 2014

Matching Memory Game

Online Memory Game of Matching Pairs
If you found Moving Memory Game very tough, then you can first practice with this Memory Game.
In this game you will be given some cards on the board which will be put facing down. At the time you can click on two cards to see the objects on these cards. If these cards match then you will get the points for these cards and it will remain facing up. Do this you have to match all the cards to move to next round. Faster you match the cards more you will score.

Do checkout following games, picture puzzles, optical illusions and brain teasers to exercise your brain
List of Picture Puzzles, Brain Teasers and Optical Illusions

1. Can you find Hidden Letters and Numbers?: These are the picture puzzles to test your visual and observational skills. In these picture puzzles your challenge is to find the hidden letters or numbers.

2. Mathematics Picture Puzzles Riddles for Teens with answers: These are easy Maths equation puzzles in which your task is the find the value of the variables in equations which are represented by pictures and then solve the last equation.

3. Moving Pictures Optical Illusions to trick your brain: It contains very interesting optical illusions in which stationary pictures will be seen as moving by our brain.

4. Find the Mysterious Creature in Video Puzzle: At last there is video puzzle which will show you some mysterious creature and your challenge is to identify this creature.

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