5 Tricky Rebus Puzzles in English for Adults with Answers

Line between PERSONALITY | Can you Solve this Rebus Puzzle?

This Puzzle Video contains the tricky Rebus Puzzles to trick your brain. What does the word Rebus mean? First, let me answer this question. Rebus has illustrated pictures with letters that contain hidden meanings. This hidden meaning can be an English word or an English phrase. So in these Rebus Puzzles, you will be shown some puzzle images and your challenge is to find out the hidden meaning in these puzzle images.

How to Solve Tricky Rebus Puzzles

In this video, there are 5 Rebus Puzzles. You will get just 7 seconds to solve each Rebus Puzzle. These 7 seconds may not be enough to solve a tricky Rebus Puzzle. So, you are allowed to pause the video to take more time to solve a particular Rebus Puzzle. Answers to these Rebus Puzzles are provided immediately after the puzzle image. In the end, there is a bonus Rebus Puzzle. Write down your answers to this Rebus in the comments.

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