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The Brain Wiring Test for Kids, Teens and Adults with Answers

We have been solving Logical Puzzles and Sudoku here for a quite long time. Now it time to solve some Fun Brain Teasers and Riddles. Here I am posting some of the brain teasers which will act as brain wiring test for your mind. Lets see how much time you take to solve this brain teasers to pass this brain wiring test. These are the brain teasers for kids, teens and adults. It means that person in all age groups will enjoy solving these puzzles. Some of these brain teasers are tough ones which can be skipped by kids. However try to think deep and solve as many of these riddles without looking up at the answers to these brain teasers. Answer to these brain teasers is given at the end of this post. Try avoid looking at the answer immediately. Try to think deep before you give up for any brain teaser.
Let me start with the tough one. This brain teaser will definitely test your out of box thinking skills. If kids find this brain teaser as tough, then they can skip this riddle and jump it to the next one.
I went to a shopping mall where parking slots were marked. Luckily most of these parking slots were empty and I parked my car in one of these parking slots. After coming out of my car I saw a very interesting pattern in the way these parking slots were marked. Can you find out this interesting pattern and find out the number in which my car is parked?
Genius IQ Test
1. Genius IQ Test

The next one is again the tough one. This brain teaser I created recently and this will not only make you think out of box but also will require the subject knowledge. This brain teaser is not for kids and they can move to the next riddle if they find it tough one. However it will be interesting to know if any kid is able to solve this brain teaser without looking at the answer. Please do post your comment about your solving time for this brain teaser?
Can you find the missing Number?
2. Can you find the missing Number?
The next brain teaser to make you think different and come up with your answer with the logical reason. There could be many solution to this brain teaser, however each answer needs to be justified with the logical reasoning. I could able to find at least two answers to this brain teaser. If you are able to find logical answer to this riddle which is different from my answer, please do post your comments which the logical reasons for your solution.
Out One Out Letters Brain Teaser
3. Which Letter is Odd One?

I am slowing moving to the easy brain teasers, so that even kids should be able to solve these riddles quickly. Here is relatively easy one. Do post which much time you took to solve this brain teaser?
Quick Brain Teaser-Triangles Missing Number
4. What Number will replace Question mark at the Triangle Corner?

Its time to give a circular twist to your brain. Lets twist you mind for next two circular brain teasers to see if you can find the missing number in the segment of the circle. Kids with the little mathematical knowledge should be able to solve the next two twisting  brain teasers.
What is the Value of Question Mark?
5. What is the Value of Question Mark?
Which Number is missing from the empty segment?
6. Which Number is missing from the empty segment?

By this time you will be becoming expert in solving these brain teasers. Also these brain teasers are getting easier now. Let us see now if you can find the missing number in this sequence?
Find The Missing Number in the Series?
7. Find The Missing Number in the Series?
The next brain teaser is for kids, teens and adults to find the missing number in the series. Again this one should be quick brain teaser.
Solve this Simple Puzzle
8. Solve this Simple Puzzle
Next brain teasers are easy mathematical riddles. Everyone from kids to teens and adults should be able to solve these brain teasers easily. Lets see how many of these you can solve quickly?
Find the Missing Number?
9. Find the Missing Number?

Simple Math Brain Teaser
10. Simple Math Brain Teaser

Simple Math Equations Brain Teaser
11. Simple Math Equations Brain Teaser
One more Simple Math Equations Brain Teaser
12. One more Simple Math Equations Brain Teaser

These Fun Brain Teasers are part of Fun Math Brain Teasers. Below are the next and previous Math Brain Teasers in this series.

Next Math Brain Teasers: Non Verbal Reasoning Test with Answers

These Fun Riddles are also part of Logical Brain Teasers. Below are the previous and next puzzles in this series.

Answer of these Brain Teaser is given as below. I have hidden these answers. Select the text below to watch the answer of these brain teasers.
1. If one turns this picture upside down then one will be immediately able to answer this brain riddle. After turning the image upside down one will see the number in the following sequence
86 ? 88 89 90 91
So missing number is 87.

2. This is nothing but value of PI written 3 digits at a time.
Value of PI is 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939
So the next number is 5

3. I could immediately come up with two solutions each explained as below
  • a. Answer can be A as it is the only letter containing an enclosed area.
  • b. Answer also could be L as all others are made after joining 3 straight lines. However L is made after joining 2 straight lines.
  • c. Answer also could be A as it is the only vowel among other letters :)

4. This one is sum of bottom numbers multiplied by top number i.e. Answer is (12+8)*X = 60 => X = 3

5. The differnce between the opposite segment number is 4 or 6 alternatively. So the different of missing number segment with 23 is 4 which gives us numbers 19 and 27. Out to this 27 is rejected as it is used earlier to give us answer to this brain teaser as 19.

6. Number in the segment is square of the number in the opposite segment. So missing number is square of 6 giving us answer 36.

7. We need to thinking vertical to solve this one. Number in the second row are the answer after multiplying first row number with 4 and numbers in the third row are the answers after mutiplying numbers of second row with 5. So missing number is 20*4 = 80

8. This was an easy brain teaser. Here second number is first number mutliplied by 2 and third number is result of multiplying second number with 2. So answer is 10*2 = 20

9. Number in the boundary is mutliplication of numbers next to it. So the answer is 6*3 = 18

10. Simple math calculations will give weight of Dog as 17 Kg. So the answer is 27 Kg.

11. Triangle = 3
Circle = 2
Square = 8

12. * = 8
Square = 4


Here is answer of 2nd Brain Teaser of Finding Hidden Faces in the Given Pictures Puzzles (Interesting Fun Brain Teasers) 
Hidden Faces Brain Teaser Answer
Hidden Faces Brain Teaser Answer

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  1. I don't agree with #12 answer. If the star = 6 and the square = 3, 6+3 does not equal 12. My answer was the star =8 and the square = 4. My other comment is for #3. Another reason to choose 'A' is that it is the only vowel

    1. You are right about both the answers. I have corrected the 12th and updated your reasoning for #3.

  2. I got 10 for brain teaser #2. There is one more face above the main one in the tree and there is a bird face to the right of the tree.

    1. Yes, there are more faces than marked in the picture.


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