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Easy Puzzles for Kids and Teens to Find Mistake in Pictures

Easy Puzzles for Kids and Teens to Find Mistake in Pictures
From last few days we have published puzzles in which one has to find the the mistake. Some of these puzzles were very tricky and some of these puzzles were challenging. Very few of these find the the mistake puzzles were easy. So we thought to create the easy puzzles for kids and teens to find the mistake in given pictures. 
In these Can you find the mistake challenges, one picture puzzles is given. In each of these puzzles sequence of letters A to Z is given. Each letter is repeated four times. However while trying to write these letters in correct sequence there is one mistake in each of the picture. Can you find this mistake in each of these puzzle?
Answers to these puzzles will be given later. However do comment out your answers and do post your request in case you are looking forward for answer of any puzzle?

Can You Find Mistake in this Picture Puzzle
1. Can You Find Mistake in this Picture Puzzle?

Find the Mistake Picture Puzzle
2. Find the Mistake Picture Puzzle

Picture Puzzle to find mistake
3. Picture Puzzle to find mistake

Finding Mistake Picture Puzzle
4. Finding Mistake Picture Puzzle

Can you find mistake in this picture puzzle
5. Are you able to find mistake in this picture puzzle?


Here is answer to 13th Brain Teaser Questions of post titled "Simple Math Riddles for Teens and Kids with Answers to Twist your Brain".
I have hidden this answer to avoid any spoiler. Do select the text below to read the answer.

Answer is 12. If A B C = D then D = C - (A+B) i.e. 24 - (5+7) = 12.


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