Friday, January 24, 2014

Bombs Memory Game

Bombs Memory Game
Can you memorize the exact positions of different pairs of objects and get rid of the bombs at the same time? At each level of the game you will be given a number of cards, and each of the cards will contain an object or a bomb. The cards will be revealed for a few seconds before they are covered. You need to memorize the positions of the objects, then click to reveal all of the cards except the bombs. Instructions to play this Memory V game are explained once you start the game. This Game is part of Online Memory Games.
Memory V game will require your memory power and observational skills to get more score. Do checkout below listed picture puzzles and brain teasers which will test your observational skills.

List of Picture Puzzles and Brain Teasers

  • Can you find Odd Letter Out? : These are the visual puzzles in which your challenge is to find the odd letter out among the given set of letters.

  • Can you find hidden C? : These picture puzzles will test your observational skills. Your challenge is to find the letter C hidden among the other similar looking letters. 

  • Picture Puzzles with Answers: These are the different picture puzzles in which each puzzle gives you different challenge e.g. find odd one out, finding the hidden animal in given picture or finding the hidden letters in the given picture puzzle images.

  • Critical Thinking Puzzles-Crack the Code : These are critical thinking puzzles which will test your logical reasoning. In these puzzles your challenge is to crack the code to open the lock. 

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