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Scary Picture Brain Teasers for Adults

Warning: There are many puzzles out here for kids. However puzzles in this post are not for kids because picture here in these puzzles contains something scary which is not recommended for kids. So kids can skip this puzzle can move on to other puzzles. These puzzles are only for adults. Also people who are easily frightened should skip to another puzzles. 
Here are some scary pictures puzzles. Most of these pictures are clicked with camera without the persons in the photos knowing that something scary is there in these pictures. Try finding something scary in these pictures and post your answers in the comments. 

Lets start with the first picture. Looking at the first glance it seems that nothing is scary in this picture. However something is wrong with this picture? Try to find out something unusual about this picture?
Scary Rotation Picture Puzzle for Adults
1. Scary Rotation Picture Puzzle

 If you are still not able to find anything wrong with the above picture. Try rotating this picture and you will find it out!!!

Next picture is not very scary. However something is wrong with this picture. Can you find it out what is wrong with this picture? Post your answer in the comments section. 
Mistake in Photo Picture Puzzle for Adults
2. Mistake in Photo Picture Puzzle
 Rest of the pictures looks very normal photographs with nothing wrong in these photographs. However something scary is hidden in these pictures. Do find out this scary hidden object in each of this picture and post your answers in the comments section.

Scary Room Picture Puzzle for Adults
3. Scary Room Picture Puzzle

Scary Makeup Picture Puzzle for Adults
4. Scary Makeup Picture Puzzle

Scary Hidden Person Picture Puzzle for Adults
5. Scary Hidden Person Picture Puzzle

Scary Mirror Picture Puzzle for Adults
6. Scary Mirror Picture Puzzle

Scary Family Picture Puzzle for Adults
7. Scary Family Picture Puzzle
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  1. 1) Eyes upsidedown; 2) 5 fingers; 3) face behind pillow; 4) face under desk; 5) face under mattress; 6) ghostly face in mirror; 7) face under woman


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