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Wittgenstein Briquet (Mini Puzzles Series #13)

I don't know the meaning of Wittgenstein Briquet. This Puzzle type appeared in Oğuz Atay Puzzle Contest (OAPC)-1 and OAPC-4 championships. I created few puzzle that time while preparing for these championships. Today's Wittgenstein Briquet is the easiest one of these puzzles. I will be posting few more puzzles of this type soon.
This Wittgenstein Briquet puzzle I am posting as 13th puzzle in Mini Puzzle Series.
Rules of Wittgenstein Briquet puzzle
Locate some blocks in the grid, each having the size 1x3. The numbers in the diagram indicate the number of blocks touching their cells from the sides. All remaining cells should be connected to each other orthogonally.
Wittgenstein Briquet (Mini Puzzles Series #13)
Wittgenstein Briquet (Mini Puzzles Series #13)

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