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Iced Tea Murder Mystery Riddle with answer

Iced Tea Murder Mystery Riddle

Sherlock Holmes is one of my favorite fictional detective character. He has solved many of the murder mysteries using his profound knowledge of forensic science and logical reasoning. In his life he has made many admirers. However there were few enemies of Sherlock Holmes and  Professor James Moriarty was one them. James was a criminal genius, and was more smart than Holmes himself. One day James hired Mr. X to kill Sherlock Holmes. Mr. X disguised himself as Insurance agent and called Sherlock Holmes for a meeting over cup of tea. Mr. X told bartender to poison all the cups of Ice tea for their table. Somehow Sherlock Holmes get to know Mr. X's plan to kill him. Still he came to meeting.

When Iced Tea came he immediately drunk 3 cups of Iced Tea while Mr. X kept on looking at him drinking tea. Sherlock Holmes after finishing his tea pointed out that Mr. X has not yet taken even one sip of his tea. Mr. X saw Sherlock Holmes fully intact and thought that bartender forget to poison the tea. He slowly started drinking his tea and by the time he could finish half of his tea, he collapsed and dies of poison. Now all the cups of Iced Tea including the ones which Sherlock Holmes drunk were poisoned by bartender. Tell how Sherlock survived and how Mr. X got killed in his own game?

Here is solution of 5th Riddle of Fun Puzzles to Test Your Observation Skills.
Hidden Cat Picture Image Puzzle Solution
Hidden Cat Picture Image Puzzle Solution

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