Friday, September 18, 2015

Snake (Logical Puzzles Series #11)

When first time I got introduced to this puzzle type, its name was Tunnel puzzle. However later it got famous with name Snake puzzle and it is used with the name Snake when this puzzle type appears in World Puzzle Championships. This is old Snake puzzle which I am re-publishing as 11th puzzle in Logical Puzzles Series.
Rules of Snake puzzle
Draw a snake in the grid, whose head and tail (if given) are greyed squares. Snake doesn't touch itself, not even diagonally. Number outside shows the count of square covered by snake body in the corresponding row or column.
Snake (Logical Puzzles Series #11)
Snake (Logical Puzzles Series #11)
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Solution of Mini Puzzles Series puzzle titled Easy as ABC (Mini Puzzles Series #32)
Easy as ABC (Mini Puzzles Series #32) Solution
Easy as ABC (Mini Puzzles Series #32) Solution

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