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Hidden Faces Picture Puzzles for kids, teens and adults

Hidden Faces Picture Puzzles for kids, teens and adults
Sometimes information will gets so camouflaged in the similar background that it becomes very difficult to find the objects. Here are few brain challenging picture brain teasers for kids and teens where you have to find the hidden faces. 
In each of these given pictures, something is hidden. In first picture, panda is hidden in footballs. One has to find this hidden panda face in the picture. In second picture there is a hidden butterfly, which got mixed up in the flowers and one has to find this hidden butterfly in the picture. In the third there are many hidden faces of animals and birds. One has to find all these hidden faces. In the fourth picture one will see picture of elephant. However there are many hidden animals in this elephant picture. Can you find all of these animals? In the last picture puzzle, there is hidden baby face. Do find all these hidden faces in these pictures as soon as possible.
We are holding the answers of these hidden faces picture puzzles for sometime, so that visitors can try to find these hidden faces and can post there comments if they are able to find these hidden faces.

Hidden Panda Face Picture Puzzle
1. Hidden Panda Face Picture Puzzle
Hidden Butterfly Picture Puzzle
2. Hidden Butterfly Picture Puzzle

Hidden Faces Picture Puzzle
3. Hidden Faces Picture Puzzle

Hidden Animals Picture Puzzle
4. Hidden Animals Picture Puzzle

Hidden Face in Coffee Bean Picture Puzzle
5. Hidden Face in Coffee Bean Picture Puzzle

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