Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Eye Test-What Number do you See?

Picture Puzzles to find hidden numbers
Few days back someone sent me puzzle picture in which I have to find the hidden number. I found this puzzle very interesting. On this website we are having many different kinds of puzzles which provides reading challenges like reading blurred text or challenge to read backward or reading the encrypted quotes. However finding the hidden number challenges were missing from here. So I thought of creating few puzzles where one has to find read the hidden number from the puzzle picture. Do share these puzzles with your friends if you can read these numbers!!
Here are the five puzzles where one has to find the hidden number. Each of these puzzle picture contains different numbers. Hardness of puzzles keep increasing with first puzzle being the easiest one and last number being the toughest one. Lets see how much of these numbers can you read correctly?

Picture Puzzle Challenge to find the hidden number
1. Can you find the hidden number in this picture puzzle?

Hidden Number Picture Puzzle
2. Will you find the hidden number in this picture?

Hidden Number Picture Puzzle Challenge
3. What number do you see in this picture puzzle?

If you can read hidden number in this picture, your eyes are very good.
4. What number do you read in this picture?

Brain Teaser to find hidden number in Picture Puzzle Image
5. Can you read this hidden number in this picture puzzle?

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Here is the answer of 5th Riddle of brain test titled "The Brain Wiring Test for Kids, Teens and Adults with Answers". Answer if partially hidden to avoid any spoilers. Do select the text below to read the answer.
The difference between the opposite segment number is 4 or 6 alternatively. So the different of missing number segment with 23 is 4 which gives us numbers 19 and 27. Out to this 27 is rejected as it is used earlier to give us answer to this brain teaser as 19.


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