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Simple Math Riddles and Puzzles for Kids and Teens with Answers

Simple Math Riddles and Puzzles for Kids and Teens
Mathematics is my favorite subject. Even though most of the time I have been creating Logical Puzzles and Sudoku Variation puzzles, but I love to solve mathematical puzzles with equal charm. Today I am posting some of the Mathematical Brain Teasers. These Math IQ questions are for kids and teens. Some of these math puzzles are easy. However some are tough. Many of these Math puzzles can be solved mentally without requiring any paper or pen. However to solve some of the Mathematical challenges, one will require pen and paper to do the calculations. Topics in these Math Problems range from simple Subtraction, Multiplication, Fractions etc to Trigonometry. More topics will be covered soon in the future posts.
Most of the answers to these Math IQ Puzzles are given below. I have hidden the answers so that one does not inadvertently look at the answers. For some of the Math Puzzles the answer link is given next to the puzzle. Do click on the link to see the answer of the math puzzle. However it will be great if one can solve it without looking at the answers and post its answers in the comment section. These Math Quiz Puzzles are prepared by my wife and she promised to creates some more Math Puzzles in future. Looking forward to readers feedback on these Math Problems.

1. A Bus Can Cover A Distance Of 24.4 Km On One Liter Of Petrol. How Far Can It Go On 16.4 Liters Of Petrol?

2. Divide 2.87700 By 25.
3. The Product Of Two Decimals Is 365.55. If One Of Them Is 25.5 Find The Other.

4. Ruby Bought 12m Cloth And Used 5m75cm Of It For Her Dress. How Much Cloth Remains Unused?

5. A Man Covers 265km In 5 Hours At A Uniform Speed. Find His Speed In Km/H?

6. The Total Capacity Of A Tub Is 2000 L. It Is Filled With 1246L 40ml Of Water . Find The Volume Of Water Required To Fill The Tub.

7. The Ages Of Five Girls In A Group Are 16 Years, 15year 8 Month, 12 Years 6month, 14 Years 4 Month, 15 Years 9 month. Find Average Age Per Girl In The Group?

8. Find The Number Whose 12.5% Is 3.5?

9. A Metal Contains 25% Of Copper and Rest Is Gold. Find The Quantity Of Gold And Copper In 625g Of This Metal?

10. Convert 73 Hours Into Days And Hours?

11. What Time Was It 6 Hours 25 minutes Before 4:15pm?

12. A Fest Began On 26th January. It Lasted For 20 Days When Will Be The Last Day Of The Fest?

13. A Ray Has .....................End Points.

14. Ashu Weighs 52 Kg 250g. Evanthe Weighs 20kg 750g . Who Weighs More And By How Much?

15. A Scalene Triangle Has All Sides Of .........................Length.

16. How Many Acute Angles Can A Triangle Have?

17. If One Angle Of A Triangle Measures 120, It Is ....................

18. Diameter Of A Circle=....................X  Radius Of The Circle.

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Answer of these Math puzzles is given below. Do select the text from the one number to the another to read the answer.

A1.  Distance covered by bus on one liters of petrol  = 24.4km
      Distance covered by bus on 16.4 liters of petrol = 24.4x16.4 = 400.16Km.

A3.  Given:
Product of two numbers   =365.55 
One number is                 = 25.5
Second number                = ?
Suppose the second number is Y.
Then Yx25.5= 365.55
Y= 365.55÷25.5
Y=14.33 is the required number.

A4.  Total length of the cloth        =   1 2m
       Cloth used for dress             =   5m 75 cm
       Cloth that remains unused     =  12m- 5 m 75 cm
                                                    =  12 m – 5.75 m     
                                              ( 1m=100cm, 75cm=0.75m)
       Unused cloth                      =  6.25m

A5.  Distance covered by man              =  2 6 5 km
       Time taken to cover that distance   =  5 H
       Speed =             Distance ÷ Time
       Speed = 2 6 5÷  5= 5 3 Km/H

A6.   Total Capacity of the tub       =    2000 L
        Amount of water filled          =     1246 L 40 ml
        Volume of water required      =     2000 L – 1246.040 L 
                                           ( 1L= 1000ml, 40ml=.040L)
                                                   =  753.96 L Ans.
A7.    Average Age per girl = Sum of the ages of girls ÷ Number of girls
            = 16Y + 15Y 8Month +  12Y  6month + 14Y 4month + 15 Y 9Month  ÷5
                                               = 72 Y 27 month ÷5
                                               = 74 . 3÷ 5= 14.8 Y

A8.      Suppose the number is Y
            According to question  12.5 of Y= 3.5
                                              12.5 x Y=3.5
                                              Y= 3.5/12.5= 0.28 Ans.

A9.      Suppose the Total quantity of metal is Y
               Amount of copper      = 25% 0f Y= 625 g
                                               Y= 625x100÷25
                                               Y= 2500g
            Quantity of gold = Y- quantity of copper 
                                        = 2500 – 625= 1875g

A10.       We know 24 hours  =  1 day
                            73 hours =  73 ÷ 24 days
                                          = 3 Days 1 hour.

A11.      Convert 4:15 pm to 24 hours time
                         4:15 pm= 16 hours 15 mins
              Now to find time 6 hours 25 mins before 
                                          =  16 h 15mins – 6 h 25 mins
                                          = 15 h 75mins – 6 h 25 mins
                            ( Remember 1 H = 60 mins)
                                                 =  9 H 50 Mins.
                    Converting in 12 hours its 9:50am. 

A 12.        Fest began   = 26th Jan
                Last day of the fest= 15th Feb

A13.             A ray has  one end point.

A14.              Weight of Ashu  =  52 kg 250 g
                      Weight of evanthe = 20 kg 750 g
                    Difference of weight= 52kg 250g – 20 kg 750 g
                                                     = 52.250 – 20.750
                                                     = 31. 500
                                                      = 31 kg 500g
                     Ashu weighs 31kg 500g more than Evanthe.

A 15.        A Scalene Triangle Has All Sides Of  unequal Length.

 A 16.        A Triangle can have three accute angles.

 A 17.       Obtuse angled triangle

 A 18          Diameter Of A Circle=  2 X  Radius Of The Circle.


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