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Mathematical Odd One Out Brain Teasers With Answers

Odd One Out Brain Teasers with answers
Finding the Odd one out from the given set of numbers makes a very interesting brain teasers. Here I am posting some riddles in which one has to find which number is odd one among the others. All numbers except one follows certain pattern or rule which exactly one number does not follow. So your task is find that number which stands out from the group. 
I have posted the answers of these brain teasers later at the end of this post with reasoning. One may think differently and may come up with alternative answer. Please do post your answers in the comment section of this post along with your reasoning.

(a). 128   (b). 902    (c). 191     (d). 083     (e). 740  (f). 754

(a). 761   (b). 853   (c). 642    (d).431  (e). 654  (f). 945

(a).  147   (b). 337   (c).  179  (d).953  (e). 769  (f). 113

(a). 196   (b). 289   (c). 729   (d).144  (e). 243  (f). 625

(a). 6   (b). 15   (c). 24   (d).33  (e). 44  (f). 42

(a). 14916   (b). 25364964   (c). 81100121144   (d).14453646  

(a). 27   (b). 64     (c). 125   (d).216   (e). 243  

(a). MQUY   (b). GKOS   (c). DGJM  (d).JNRV 

(a). 4527  (b).6739   (c).7845    (d).9851  (e). 2418 (f). 6765

(a). 6682   (b). 2668   (c). 8266   (d).6826  (e). 8662 

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Answer of these Mathematical Odd one out puzzles is given below. I have hidden the answers so that one does not see the answer inadvertently. To look the answer of a particular brain teaser, do select the text between that numbered puzzle till the next number.
A1. 754 is the odd one , sum of all the digits of the number are 11. Only in 754 sum of digits is 16.

A2. 654  is odd as in all other numbers sum of digits at unit place and at tens place is equal to the digit at hundreds place.

A3. 769 is odd as all other numbers are prime numbers.

A4.  243  is odd as all other numbers are perfect square but 243 is not a perfect square of any number.

A5. 44,  is odd as all other numbers are multiples of 3. But 44 is not.

A6. 14453646  is odd as all other numbers are written as shown below, but 14453646 doesn't follow the pattern.
(a). 14916   =              1²2²3²4²
(b). 25364964   =        5²6²7²8²

A7. 243   is odd as all other numbers are perfect cube

A8. DGJM , is odd as all other are step count of alphabets by 4

A9. 6765, as in other numbers pattern is as follows:
(a). 4527 = 4+5=9x3=27 so no,is 4527( sum of the first two digits x3)
(b).6739=  6+7=13x3=39

A10. (e). 8662, in others every time number on ones place is moving one step forward anticlockwise but 8662 doesn’t follow the series.

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