Friday, June 3, 2016

Riddles to find hidden letter in Picture Puzzle for teens

Finding the given letter or number hidden in the set of another numbers or alphabets is very interesting brain teaser. Our eyes tends to miss while scanning the image. Here are some brain teasers in which you have to find the given letter. First one is tough one and there is similar easier one for which link is given at the end of this post. Try these puzzles and see if you can find the required digits quickly?
First one is Tough one. Please do post your comment if you are able to find it. 
Riddle to find Hidden C in the given picture puzzle
1. Riddle to find Hidden C in the given picture puzzle
OK, if you are not able to find C in the above picture puzzle, here is an easier one. In this brain teaser try to find all the 5 Y's hidden in the group of X. Take a challenge to find all five Y's in only one scan. Let see if you can do it?
Picture Riddle to Finding Hidden Y's in group of letter X
2. Picture Riddle to Finding Hidden Y's in group of letter X
If still you found these picture brain teaser as tough one, then here is an easier version of similar riddle. Hope most of you will be able to solve it very fast :). Click on the link below to open this easy brain teaser of finding C in the given picture puzzle. 

Try to Find C in this 

Here is answer to 9th Brain Teaser Question of post titled "Fun Brain Teasers For Kids, Teens and Adults with Answers to Challenge your Mind".
I have hidden this answer to avoid any spoiler. Do select the text below to read the answer. 
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>9. The answer is Charcoal. 
I am sure that you must have seen it in your lifetime. Remember Barbecue?

Click here to check the hidden answer of 3rd Cool Brain Teaser of Tricky and cool brain teasers of finding mistakes in given pictures 

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  1. The C is in the first line itself where it saying to find "C". There is no C anywhere else.

    1. I realized that it was in the first line very quickly. :)

    2. Yes theirs it is second column 7th row

  2. I think the answer is 'none'. There is no "C" in the word '1 minute'.