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Visual Brain Teasers
Visual Brain Teasers test your observation skills. In most of the visual brain teasers no knowledge of language or mathematics is required. Only thing is required to solve these visual brain teasers is good mental ability and attention.
There are many Visual Brain Teasers on this website. Here I am listing all the pages which contains these kind of puzzles in the chronological order.

Matchstick Puzzles for kids with answers

Eye Test To Find Hidden Letters or Numbers in picture puzzles with answers

Hidden Faces Picture Puzzles for kids, teens and adults

Matchstick Math Brain Teasers for Teens with Answers

Find the Mysterious Creature in Video Riddle

Matchstick Math Puzzles for Kids with Answers

Count Number of Triangles Brain Teasers

Spot the Different Picture Brain Teasers for teens with answers

Search hidden objects in puzzle images for kids with answers

Hidden Words in Picture Puzzles

Hidden Animals/Birds Picture Puzzles for Kids with answers

Rebus or Pictogram Quiz Puzzles with answers of English Idioms

How to solve "Spot the Difference Picture Puzzles" quickly

Tricky Image Puzzles to Find Odd One Out

Observation Picture Puzzles to find Odd One Out Picture

Naturally Hidden Objects Picture Puzzles

Reading Riddles to Challenge your Brain

Visual Gear Based Picture Puzzles with Answers to Twist your mind

Intelligent Reading Brain Teasers to Twist your brain

Hidden Animals Picture Puzzles with answers

Visual Puzzles of Rotating Gears with Answers

Tough Odd One Out Picture Puzzles for Teens and Adults with answers

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