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Logical Puzzles Series

Logical Puzzles Series
From Last one year I has been publishing only Sudoku puzzles on this website under three different Sudoku Series as mentioned below
Akkoy: A2
Hitori: H1
Alphabets in Fences: A1
Antaksari Snake: S1
Arrow Loop: A1
Arrow Loop: AL4
Arrow Loop: AL3
Arrow Loop: AL2
Indian Loop/ Arrow Loop : IL1
Battleships: B1
Black Or White: BW1
Black Pearl : BP2
Black Pearl: BP1
Cave: C1
Consecutive Loop: C2
Copycope: CS4
Copycope: CS3
Copycope: CS1
Copycope: CS2
Corral: C2
Crossing Masyu: C1
Different Neighbours : DN1
Direct Turn Loop: D1
Direct Turn Snake: D1
Star Battle/Star Wars: S1
Dot-Rundweg: D3
Dot-Rundweg: D2
Dotty Snake: D1
Double Skyscrapers: D1
Easy As Jigsaw ABC: E2
Easy As Jigsaw ABC: E1
Easy as Skyscapers / ABCD Skyscapers
Eminent D'OHmain/ Four Winds Variation: E2
Eminent D'OHmain/ Four Winds Variation: E1
Every Second Straight:E2
Every Second Straight : E1
Fences: F1
Fillomino Skyscrapers: F1
Four Squares: F2
Four Squares: F1
Galaxy: G1
Gappy Skyscrapers: G1
Paint By Numbers: P1
Hamle: H1
Hamle: H3
Hamle : H2
Heavy Top Skyscrapers: H1
Heyawake: H3
Heyawake: H1
Hitori: H1
Horse Snake : HS2
Ikebana: I1
Ikebana: I2
Inside/Outside Corral: C3
Inside/Outside Corral : C2
Japanese Sums: J1
Kuromasu: K4
Kuromasu: K3
Kuromasu: K2
Kuromasu: K1
Loop By Numbers: L3
Loop By Numbers: L2
Loop By Numbers: L1
Loop Painting: L1
Loop Puzzle Variations
Magnets: M1
Manifold Dividing
Masyu Snake: M1
Math Tapa: M2
Math Tapa: M1
MineSweepers in Loop: M1
Minesweepers Tapa: M1
Mini Kropki Sudoku: K2
Missing Digit Kakuro: M1
Top Heavy Number Place/More More: T1
Top-Heavy Number Place/More More: T2
Paint By Numbers: P1
Network: N1
Number Place - Skyscraper With Empty Space: NPS1
Nurikabe: N1
Outside Sum Tapa: O1
Outside Tapa: O1
Paint the Snake: P1
Palindrome ABCD End View: P1
Palindrome Skyscrapers: P1
Paravan: P4
Paravan : P5
Paravan: P2
Polygraph: P3
Polygraph: P2
Polygraph: P1
Prime Snake: P1
Product Pairs
Psycho Killer: P1
Rules of "Psycho Killer"
Quicksort: Q2
Slalom: S1
Range: R2
Range : R1
Skyscrapers in Fences: S1
Slalom: S1
Slash Pack: SP1
Smashed Sums: S2
Snail Skyscrapers: S1
Snake: S1
Sparse Skyscrapers: SS1
Stardust: S2
Step By Step: SBS2
Tripod Sudoku : TS2
Snail Sudoku
Little Killer Sudoku
Tapa: T3
Tapa: T2
Tapa Cave: T1
Tapa Logic: T1
Tapa Snake: T1
Tents: Puzzle T1
The Persistence of Memory: P3
The Persistence of Memory: P2
Toplamatik: T1
Top Light Number Place: T1
Triangluar Skyscraper: TS1
Trid: T1
Tripod Sudoku

Tripod Sudoku: T2
Tripod Sudoku : TS2
Two Snakes: T1
Ungerade Innenzahlen Rundweg: U1
Next is What?
Wittgenstein Briquet: WB3
Wittgenstein Briquet: WB4
Wittgenstein Briquet: WB2
Wolves and Sheep in Fences: F2
Wolves in Polygraph: W1
Word Search: W2

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